BTF Ghana 2024

9 days, 8 nights
Availability : Dec. 27, 2024 - Jan. 4, 2025
BTF Group Experience
Ghana (Private Package option available)
Max People : 20
Embracing the spirit of Detty December…

Get ready to embark on a journey that transcends borders, celebrating the essence of culture, history, and joy in the heart of West Africa

Unleash the best of turn-up vibes and cultural immersion with our 9-day itinerary in Ghana. AfroFuture’s rhythms, the hottest nightlife scenes, a deep dive into Ghanaian culture, and a journey along the ancestral path await.

Ready to live your best life while rediscovering your African roots?


BTF-Style Welcome Dinner

Accra’s nightlife

Customized Ghanaian outfits (additional fee)

Additional: AfroFuture 

Black Star Gate

Beach Party

Waist bead fittings

Cooking classes

Afro beats dance lessons

Waterfall excursion

Botanical garden visit

BTF-Style photoshoots

2025 New Year’s Eve BTF Celebration

W.E.B DuBois Museum

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial

Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River

Cape Coast Castle

Authentic Ghanaian Naming Ceremony

Community give back


Check Out the Vibes!



Welcome to the eagerly awaited Black Travel Fest Ghana 2024! This 9-day 8-night travel event is an immersive journey through the vibrant beats, historical tapestries, and mesmerizing landscapes that characterize this West African gem. From the lively streets of Accra to the historic trails of Cape Coast, brace yourselves for an odyssey that transcends boundaries. Get ready to be captivated by the spirit of Ghana!

Important Note: We will have AfroFuture tickets available for purchase, however, the BTF hosts will not be attending the festival. Instead, we’ll arrange coordinated drop-offs from the hotel only. With that, participants will need to arrange their own transportation back, either through Uber or taxi.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9

By DayRelax and recharge as you settle. Shake off your jetlag with a low-key hotel hang-out or do some shopping at the nearby shopping center. If that’s not quite your speed, grab a good old-fashioned nap or maybe a spa treatment.

Also, our skilled tailor will be at the hotel, offering a bespoke experience to craft your custom-made authentic Ghanaian wardrobe.

By NightAttend our special Welcome Dinner event, complete with delicious local and Western food, Afrobeats, and good vibes to get acquainted with your newest travel fam.

Then, we’ll give you a crash course into Accra’s nightlife with a bit of club hopping in the popular Osu nightlife district.

By DayGet ready to immerse yourself in the heart of Ghanaian culture!

Our day kicks off with experiencing the luxury of personalized tailoring as we bring the authentic Ghanaian wardrobe to your doorstep! Our skilled tailor will visit us at the hotel, offering a bespoke experience to craft your custom-made authentic Ghanaian wardrobe.

Then, we’ll visit the Art Center, also known as the National Culture Center. It is a vibrant hub for arts and crafts in Accra. Here you can enjoy a shopping spree where local artisans and craftsmen showcase their skills and sell their handcrafted goods.

By Night By lunchtime onwards, it’s going to be FREE time, and the choice is yours if you want to join the vibrant festivities of AfroFuture. The stage is set for a day filled with cultural exploration and the freedom to tailor your adventure to your preferences. But the BTF team will make sure to drop you at the AfroFuture location if you wish to be part of this.

Important Note: We will have AfroFuture tickets available for purchase, however, the BTF hosts will not be attending the festival. Instead, we’ll arrange coordinated drop-offs from the hotel only. With that, participants will need to arrange their own transportation back, either through Uber or taxi.

By Day We’ll leave the city life behind to enjoy some soothing nature to end the year with zen. Explore lush botanical gardens teeming with vibrant flora and fauna, and embark on a refreshing journey to discover stunning waterfalls. By late afternoon, we’ll head back to the hotel.

By NightAs the evening unfolds, our AfroFuture folks will be dropped off to the location for another epic nightlife experience.

And for those who opted out of AfroFuture, the night is yours to savor at your own pace. Whether you prefer a leisurely evening exploring the local scene or simply relaxing, the choice is yours. Enjoy the night, your way!

Important Note: We will have AfroFuture tickets available for purchase, however, the BTF hosts will not be attending the festival. Instead, we’ll arrange coordinated drop-offs from the hotel only. With that, participants will need to arrange their own transportation back, either through Uber or taxi.

By DayAs we bid farewell to Accra, our next destination awaits in Cape Coast. We’ll embark on a poignant journey to retrace the steps of our ancestors at Assin Manso, the ancestral slave river. It was a significant site where enslaved Africans took their last bath before being transported out of the motherland.

Followed by a deeply emotional visit to Cape Coast Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a symbol of the transatlantic slave trade and the suffering endured by countless Africans. Visitors can explore its dungeons, and walk through the Door of No Return, and reflect on the resilience of those who passed through its gates.

By NightCome evening, we’ll have dinner by the beach, providing the perfect setting to reflect on the profound experiences of the day. And we’ll spend a night in Cape Coast.

By DayWhile it’s New Year’s Eve, we won’t be twiddling our thumbs waiting for the clock to strike midnight. Instead, get ready for a cultural transformation! Embrace the chance to receive your Ghanaian name through an authentic Traditional Naming Ceremony, connecting with your new Ghanaian elders and family in a meaningful experience.

Traditional music, dancing, and drumming may accompany the proceedings, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Then, we’ll be back in Accra by late afternoon.

By NightAfter dinner, get ready for an electrifying celebration!

We will ALL head out for a night on the town and will be turning up in style to welcome 2025 with a luxurious bang! We will be partying with the who’s who of Ghana and the diaspora, so get ready!

By DayWhat’s a vacation without a beach party?! Get ready for a fun day at one of Accra’s best-kept secret beaches, where the sun, sea, and sand await.

Get ready for an unforgettable blend of culture and celebration as we embark on an epic beach day! But wait, there’s more!

We’ve curated a lineup of exciting activities to keep the good vibes rolling: We’ll enjoy a Ghanaian Cooking Class, Waist Bead Fitting where we’ll discover the significance behind these beautiful adornments, and Afrobeats Dance Lessons from local experts.

After all the fun learning activities, we’ll slay the moment with a BTF-style photoshoot.

By NightAfter our return to the hotel, the night is yours to enjoy however you please.

By DayGet ready to show us what you’ve got because we’re doing it all over again! Begin your day with a visit to the iconic Black Star Gate, where you can strike your fiercest pose. It is a prominent landmark symbolizing Ghana’s independence and the Pan-African movement. It stands as a tribute to the country’s rich history and the aspirations of its people.

After a sumptuous lunch, we’ll visit the W.E.B DuBois Center, the final burial place and former home of the prominent American Pan-Africanist Dr. William W. Burghardt DuBois. He was a vocal Anti-Segregationist, prolific speaker, and writer, and led the Pan-African Congress between 1919 and 1927.

By NightAfter our return to the hotel, the night is yours to enjoy however you please.


By DayWe’ll start our last full day in Ghana by visiting the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, which is a beautiful tribute and the final resting place of Ghana’s first president and a key figure in the country’s struggle for independence.

After a sumptuous lunch, we’ll visit the National Museum Gallery. It showcases various artifacts, artworks, and exhibits that highlight the rich cultural heritage and history of Ghana. The museum’s collections include traditional Ghanaian crafts, archaeological finds, ethnographic materials, and contemporary art pieces.

By Night Get ready for a memorable farewell evening as we bid adieu to Ghana and fellow travelers who become friends during this journey!

After dinner, we’ll enjoy Accra’s nightlife as we go on our last night-time outing for the trip.

By DayToday is our last day, so make sure to savor your final moments in Ghana before heading back home.


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What to expect from your BTF experience

We want you to have an easeful and pleasant time that’s why we have...


This experience is for you if:
  • …YOU crave a perfect blend of rich history and contemporary charm
  • …YOU value being immersed in local culture
  • …YOU seek opportunities to engage in local traditions
  • …YOU enjoy dance and music
  • …YOU delight in savoring life’s diverse flavors and local food
  • …YOU seek to experience the pulsating rhythm of Accra’s nightlife
  • …YOU are eager to expand your travel family

Join us for BTF Ghana 2024 if these visions align with your heart because this journey is crafted with YOU in mind! However, if your idea is to stay at the hotel all day, then this experience is not for you.

Here's what our past travelers say about BTF:

  • Chelsea
    BTF Ghana 2022 & Bali 2023

    (From her Instagram Story) “@blacktravelfest 10/10 travel group experience ❤🔥 #btfghana

  • Joy Akayla
    BTF Ghana 2019

    My experience with BTF was amazing. I was looking for travel groups to go abroad and am so happy to have come across BTF ✈️

    I am from Mississippi originally, but at the time I traveled with BTF was living my best life in DC. I traveled with BTF to Ghana in 2019 before the world shifted. I came solo, but through BTF gained a travel family ❤️

    I enjoyed traveling with the group because I like meeting new people and getting to know who they are. You learn so much from others. But I loved the experience of making memories with new people as well and seeing the diversity and overall excellence of Black people ✊🏾

    To have that experience in the motherland is the best because I realized we are still interconnected and we as Black people are lit with so much life, vibrancy, and everything despite the challenges we face and work hard to overcome…

  • Justine
    BTF Ghana 2019

    “I’m from New York City, I have traveled with BTF once, and that was to Ghana in 2019 🇬🇭

    I knew a few people who were going on the trip prior to traveling with BTF. And traveling with BTF was a fun and unique experience! ❤️ There were lots of different personalities and personal backgrounds. Everyone on the trip was friendly, fun, and adventurous.

    I would describe the trip as poignant and almost eerie at times, particularly when we visited the slaves’ castles at Elmina Bay 🙏🏾

    Other parts of the trip were fun and educational. My favorite was the opportunity to meet local residents of the different cities that we visited in Ghana. From tour guides to waiters, to people we met while out; it was lovely to form connections with people in the motherland, some of which I still have today to some degree 🥰

    I would travel with BTF again! It’s a great avenue for meeting other Black folks who have a passion for travel. ✈️✨”

  • Gina
    BTF Bali 2019, Ghana 2019 & Morocco 2022

    “A good friend asked me today if I had culture shock coming back to America from Ghana, and truthfully, I did. The beautiful people in Ghana would not let me be invisible, they acknowledge you, welcome you, and make you feel right at home. Plus the bright beautiful colors 😍😍😍 grateful for the experience and my new friends 🥰 also didn’t help that I went from 90-degree weather to winter. #btfghana #blacktravelfest #yearofreturn!”


  • Brittany
    BTF Ghana 2019 & Kenya 2021

    “I’ve been in need of peace and understanding. I can’t help but reflect on my time in Ghana at the end of last year. Reconnecting with my roots, a better understanding of my history, and the love and acceptance of a people l’d never met before but walked away as family left me with a sense of belonging, peace, love, and profound respect for black people. Waiting for the day I can go back… #blacktravelfest #blackhistory #theyearofreturn2019 #ghana”

(Choose your own dates. Available except from December 27-January 4th)

Private Package Option: Your Personalized Adventure

We’re flipping the script and introducing our Private Package Option for Black Travel Fest Ghana! Now you can choose your crew (or go solo), pick your dates, and enjoy the same amazing itinerary while saving some coins. Since it’s outside the peak Detty December period, you’ll get all the adventure without the craze.

What's the Deal?

Choose Your Crew

Travel with your loved ones, your ride-or-die squad, that group you’ve been planning to explore with, or by your darn self.

Pick Your Dates

Select a timeframe that fits your schedule, any time of the year. It’s all about your timing, your way.

More Affordable

Save BIG with our private package. It’s the same epic journey minus the Detty December vibes which gives you a more affordable price.

Why Go Private?


Craft your own adventure, your way


Get all the perks at a price that won’t break the bank.

Bond with your loved ones

Create epic memories with your chosen crew.

How to Secure Your Private Package

First, we start with a consultation, requiring an initial payment. From there, we can tailor the experience to your preferences. Should you decide to proceed with the private trip powered by Black Travel Fest, the consultation fee will seamlessly transition to become a credit, deducting from the total cost of your chosen package upon booking.

How It Works

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Select your ideal package based on single or double occupancy and preferred payment plan.

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Select a flight that will allow you to arrive by 4PM, so you don't miss our Welcome Activities on arrival day. Many people arrive the day before or stay extra days after the trip ends.

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All you need to do from there is monitor your emails as we'll be sending important information that will help you prepare for the trip and connect with your new travel fam.

Get ready to travel

Our team will be ready to welcome you once you arrive at your destination, we provide full service 24/7 support during your trip. Just show up, and have a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Requirements

What vaccinations are required to travel to Ghana?

This is subject to change. As of now, you are NOT required to show proof of either COVID-19 vaccination or a pre-departure COVID-19 test in Ghana. However, getting a Yellow Fever Vaccine is required

What entry documents are required?

You’ll require a visa which you can process either ahead of time by mailing your passport to the embassy. You’ll need a passport with at least 6 months of validity in order to travel.


Getting There

Is there a specific airline recommended?

Choice of airline often depends on factors such as departure location, personal preferences, travel dates, and budget. However, several major international airlines operate flights between the USA and Ghana.

Popular airlines for this route include: Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and Emirates.

Before booking, it’s advisable to compare flight options, check for the latest travel restrictions and entry requirements, and consider factors like layovers, travel class, and overall travel experience. Additionally, airline recommendations can change, so it’s a good idea to check recent reviews and experiences of other travelers.

 What is the name of the airport we are flying into?

Airport code: ACC or Kotoka International Airport

Housing & Packages

Can I upgrade my package from double occupancy to single occupancy?

Upgrade requests may be made by emailing [email protected]. Upgrades will be accommodated on a per reservation basis, and you will need your roommate to also agree to upgrade or accept entry into the roomie matching program.

Downgrades are prohibited. No Downgrade request will be taken.

Will I have to share a bed if I select double occupancy?

Rooms with double occupancy may have a shared king or queen bed, though this won’t be frequent.

What hotels are we staying in?

For security purposes we only share accommodations with the folks that sign up to join us. That said, the pictures featured in the booking section of the webpage are from the actual hotels that we’ll be staying in. If it helps every accommodation selected is personally inspected by someone from our team prior to the trip. We typically aim for 4 star accommodations and better.

How does the double occupancy package work?

The double occupancy package is for two people in one room with one or two beds depending on preferences and availability. If you select this package both you and your roommate would need to make the purchase separately. If you are looking to be matched with a roommate you can simply purchase the double occupancy package, and we’ll take it from there.

Who is the double occupancy 2-ppl option for?

This package is for folks who are sharing finances and would like to make one monthly payment instead of paying and registering separately. This option is most frequently used by our couples and family members traveling together.

Pricing, Payments and Booking

What is included in the price?

Please refer to the inclusions section located on this page

Which methods of payment are accepted for booking?

Payments are processed through PayPal. As such all major credit cards are accepted (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you’ve made a payment you’ll be redirected to an online registration form. Following completion of the form, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your registration. You’ll also receive a detailed information pack prior to the start of your trip.

What is the deadline for full payment?

All payments must be completed One Month before the start of the trip.

What if I miss the payment deadline?

If you do not make your payment deadline you will have 3 additional days to pay in full, and a late payment fee of $75 will be assessed thereafter.

Do I have to use the payment plan or can I pay in full?

You can pay for the entire balance of your trip by selecting the “One Time Payment” option.

What if my roommate doesn’t complete their payment?

You will have two options if you’ve booked double occupancy and your roommate fails to complete payment.

1. You can upgrade to the next package within your selected accommodation style. For example if you have selected a hotel double occupancy package, you can upgrade to the single occupancy package for $500. The same applies for the villa packages.
2. You can find a replacement roommate and set up the replacement arrangements with your current roommate. If this happens your replacement will need to pay your former roommate directly for any portion already paid to Black Travel Fest, and pay the remaining balance directly to Black Travel Fest.

Cancellation and Transferability

What if I get sick and can’t make it. Do I get my money back?

Refund Schedule

Initial Deposit of $250

90 – 60 days to the trip start date
Fully Refundable

59 – 31 days to the trip start date
50% Refundable

30 days to the trip start date
Non Refundable

Days to the trip start date will be calculated by adding the number of days from the current date at time of refund request to the day prior to the trip start date.

For example If the trip start date is August 31st:

the trip would be fully refundable from June 2nd to July 2nd
the trip would be 50% refundable from July 3rd to July 31st
the trip would be non-refundable starting August 1st

Please note: PayPal processing fees and vendor transaction fees will not be refunded.

Cancel for any reason trip insurance can help if you have a need to cancel unexpectedly.

If you have questions regarding trip insurance coverage, please contact Cici Chandler, travel agent with Mahogany Fly International ([email protected]). If you live outside of the United States, please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance for the festival.

What is the Policy for name changes should I need to transfer my reservation?

Name changes are permitted for $75 per person. Name Changes are not permitted for Roomie Matching Program.  Name changes can only be made with people not currently booked for the festival.
The person taking your place needs to register with a staff member at Amola Enterprises, LLC and provide their credit card information. You must work out the money already paid between yourselves. The person taking your place pays the remaining balance to Amola Enterprises, LLC.

Name changes can be completed up to 2 weeks prior to the Festival. No name changes will be made after the deadline.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding name changes and transferability.


Is this trip only for people of color?

All are welcome at the Black Travel Fest. Just be sure to come prepared to have a good time and do it for “the” culture.

Can I stay longer than 8 days?

Sure. You are welcome to arrive before the trip and stay after if you like. Just note that the package only covers 8 days, and airport transfers outside of these dates will not be offered.

Can I stay for only a few days?

If you’re unable to attend all the scheduled days that’s okay, but we’d love to see you enjoying all of the events.

How can I make sure I’m staying matched with my friend as a roommate?

You’ll have the opportunity to list your roommate and travel partners in the registration form.  We also have an additional step to collect this information as the trip gets closer. 

Can I purchase the activities separately from the accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not have any activities & events only package as we negotiate a set number of spots with our vendors. 

What if the travel to Kenya is impossible at the time of the event due to the pandemic or other large scale travel disruption?

Should travel to the destination become impossible, the trip will be rescheduled to a date 6 to 12 months in the future. For example, if the trip is scheduled for July 2024 it may be rescheduled to January 2025 up to July 2025.

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