BTF Jordan 2024

8 Days 7 Nights
Availability : Sept. 9, 2024 - Sept. 16, 2024
BTF Group Experience
Max People : 15
Travel time with a convergence of ancient cities and modern adventures

Where your Jordanian time travel comes to life!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable expedition at BTF Jordan 2024! It’ll be a thrilling 8-day, 7-night adventure, immersing in the captivating vistas and dynamic traditions of Jordan. Our journey encompasses Amman‘s allure, the sacred site of Bethany, the heights of Mt. Nebo, the marvels of Petra, and the enchanting allure of Wadi Rum.


Amman city tour

Street food tour & street art tour

Bethany – Jesus’ baptismal site

Float in the waters of the iconic Dead Sea

Mt. Nebo

Upside-down museum

Traverse the “City of Mosaics” in Madaba

Petra’s ancient wonders

Dine with a local Jordanian family

Petra by Night tour

Little Petra

Partake in a Bedouin Tea ritual & desert feast

1 night in the Instagrammable Martian bubble tents in Wadi Rum

Main Hot Springs

Waterfall experience


Check Out the Vibes!



 Embark on a time-traveling journey through Jordan’s sand-carved history, where ancient cities and modern adventures converge in a tapestry of wonders. Imagine yourself stepping into a living storybook, where the pages are made of sandstone and the ink is the very essence of history.

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Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

By DaySettle into a luxurious 5-star hotel and indulge in some well-deserved relaxation. Unwind and recharge as you prepare for an unforgettable evening.

By NightIndulge in a BTF Special Welcome Dinner, where time slows down and the senses come alive. The air is filled with the aromatic symphony of Jordanian spices, and the atmosphere exudes warmth and hospitality. As you savor each dish, you’re not just tasting food – you’re experiencing a culinary journey through Jordan’s rich traditions.


By DayEmbark on a dynamic morning tour of Amman’s historic core, exploring museums and iconic sites like the Archeological Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Citadel, the blue mosque, and the Amphitheatre.

Dive into Jordan’s culinary heart with a street food adventure, traversing Amman’s steps to discover local delights like falafel and shawarma. Savor Arabic sweets in a well-known pastry shop for over 150 years, and witness the artistry behind their creation. Conclude with a captivating street art tour, unveiling a modern facet of this ancient city.

By NightFeel free to enjoy the night at your leisure. Or if you’re still feeling the vibe, we can kick back for a chill hookah hotspot!

By DayFollow in the footsteps of history at the baptismal site of Jesus Christ, Bethany, where echoes of John the Baptist’s preparation for the Messiah’s arrival resound.

Then, journey to the captivating Dead Sea, a mystical expanse nestled in the Jordan Valley. Here, at the Earth’s lowest point, you’ll discover a rich landscape of natural salts and ancient treasures, a living testament to thousands of years of soul-stirring stories.

By NightAs the night descends, you are invited to savor the evening at your own pace as we spend the night at a lavish 5-star resort. The stars overhead reflect the glistening salt crystals, creating an ethereal radiance at the Dead Sea.


By DayVenture to Madaba, a city renowned for its 6th-century Mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, along with its stunning Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. Discover the beauty of St. George’s church.

Then, journeyed to Mt. Nebo, a biblical realm where Moses gazed upon a land he wouldn’t tread. We’ll visit the “Upside Down Museum” at Mt. Nebo, a captivating journey into the whimsical and surreal.

By NightWe’ll then go to the Treasury to enjoy a “Petra by Night” tour, where a beautiful music performance welcomes you. As the sun sets and the stars emerge, the iconic rose-red city of Petra is illuminated by the soft, flickering glow of thousands of candles.

Enjoy the rest of the night at the oldest bar in the world, occupying a 2000-year-old Nabataean rock tomb. As you savor your drink, you’ll be surrounded by the living history of Petra. Then, savor the enchantment of an overnight stay in a 5-star resort in Petra.

By DayUnveil Petra’s timeless allure, the Treasury, a UNESCO gem and one of the world’s wonders. Wander through a majestic gorge, a portal guarded by cliffs, into a realm of vibrant rock artistry. Roam among ancient tombs, a treasury, and echoes of Roman grandeur.

By NightTo truly immerse yourself in the local culture of Petra, there’s nothing quite like dining in a local home with a Jordanian family. In their tradition, welcoming guests is a source of great pride, and during your visit, you’ll encounter the authentic warmth and hospitality that your host extends to you.


By DayUncover Little Petra, known as Al Beidha, showcasing its pale rock splendor. Siq al-Barid will treat you to a Bedouin tea pause amid its cooling embrace.

Heading south, Wadi Rum awaits, revealing the “Valley of the Moon” during a 2-hour jeep ride into the Jordanian desert. Finally, immerse yourself in Aqaba’s Red Sea, a coastal haven of leisure and enchantment that goes beyond pristine sands and waters.

By NightBask in the warm embrace of Bedouin hospitality as you partake in a delightful dinner featuring the renowned Bedouin feast known as ‘Zarb.’ This unique culinary experience entails the cooking of succulent lamb, chicken, and vegetables, infused with fragrant herbs, within a large underground pit nestled beneath the desert sands.

Under the magnificent starlit expanse of Wadi Rum, we offer you an extraordinary stay in luxurious bubble tents. These remarkable transparent abodes immerse you in the enchanting beauty of the desert night, allowing you to slumber under a blanket of stars.

By DayJourney to Ma’in and discover the allure of thermal mineral hot springs and waterfalls. Celebrated for their medicinal properties and historical significance, Herod the Great was believed to have indulged in their waters. Whether for healing treatments or a leisurely soak, immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience.

By NightAmidst a landscape steeped in historical significance and contemporary serenity, we’ll stay in a hot spring resort to partake in a spectrum of authentic Jordanian experiences.

By DayConclude your memorable BTF Jordan 2024 journey with a hearty breakfast, and then embark on your departure heading back home.



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What to expect from your BTF experience

We want you to have an easeful and pleasant time that’s why we have...


This experience is for you if:
  • …YOU like to wander through mystical desert scapes
  • …YOU seek a journey into lands soaked in history and wonder
  • …YOU love to turn up and are the life of the party
  • …YOU love enjoying local food
  • …YOU are ready to grow your travel fam with like-minded travelers

Join us for BTF Jordan 2024 if these visions align with your heart because this journey is crafted with YOU in mind! However, if your idea is to stay at the hotel all day, then this experience is not for you.

Here's what our past travelers say about BTF:

  • Carla
    BTF Morocco 2019, Kenya 2019 & Zanzibar 2019

    “I am a new solo traveler and I feel I have found the best group ever. All the leg work is done and all I have to do is boom a flight and show up!!! My first trip was to Morocco and it was amazing!!! Next up is Kenya”

  • Jade
    BTF Bali 2018 & Ghana 2019

    “It was the best overseas experience I’ve ever had. Can’t wait until next year!”

  • Keisha
    Kenya 2019 & Bali 2023

    “Literally the best birthday, EVER! 🥰 Thank you, #BlackTravelFest, for the experience. Nairobi, Kenya! 🇰🇪 I’ve never experienced anything as beautiful as you.”

  • Joanna
    BTF Bali 2022

    (From her Instagram Story) “The amazing founder of @blacktravelfest!!! It was an honor to be on this trip with her. Words can’t express this experience. Thank you Deirdre 🖤”

  • Tina
    BTF Morocco 2019

    (From her Instagram Story) “Hey my 12 followers 🤣🤣🤣…this was my first ever solo trip and ‘we had a time’. Since this trip, my life has become that of a caregiver… I need you guys to follow @blacktravelfest, and if you do nothing else for yourself, join them on a trip or two… your life will be forever changed.”

  • Kristie D.
    BTF Kenya 2019 and Morocco 2022

    (From her Instagram Story) “Crazy how time is flying! This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever done! And next year, it’s even better with 2 options!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Requirements

  • What vaccinations are required to travel to Jordan?

Note: This is subject to change. However, as of now, the Jordanian Government no longer requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

  • What entry documents are required?

You’ll need a passport which is still valid for 6 months with at least one blank page. US citizens can apply for a visa on arrival when traveling to Jordan. With this visit visa, the stay is usually short with a period of 30 days. Learn more here.


Getting There

Is there a specific airline recommended?

Here are the airlines that are often recommended for flights from the US to Jordan: Royal Jordanian Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

It’s important to compare prices, flight durations, layover times, and amenities offered by these airlines to find the best option that suits your preferences and travel plans.

What is the name of the airport we are flying into?

Airport code: AMM or Queen Alia International Airport

Housing & Packages

Can I upgrade my package from double occupancy to single occupancy?

Upgrade requests may be made by emailing [email protected]. Upgrades will be accommodated on a per reservation basis, and you will need your roommate to also agree to upgrade or accept entry into the roomie matching program.

Downgrades are prohibited. No Downgrade request will be taken.

Will I have to share a bed if I select double occupancy?

Rooms with double occupancy may have a shared king or queen bed, though this won’t be frequent.

What hotels are we staying in?

For security purposes we only share accommodations with the folks that sign up to join us. That said, the pictures featured in the booking section of the webpage are from the actual hotels that we’ll be staying in. If it helps every accommodation selected is personally inspected by someone from our team prior to the trip. We typically aim for 4 star accommodations and better.

How does the double occupancy package work?

The double occupancy package is for two people in one room with one or two beds depending on preferences and availability. If you select this package both you and your roommate would need to make the purchase separately. If you are looking to be matched with a roommate you can simply purchase the double occupancy package, and we’ll take it from there.

Who is the double occupancy 2-ppl option for?

This package is for folks who are sharing finances and would like to make one monthly payment instead of paying and registering separately. This option is most frequently used by our couples and family members traveling together.

Pricing, Payments and Booking

What is included in the price?

Please refer to the inclusions section located on this page

Which methods of payment are accepted for booking?

Payments are processed through PayPal. As such all major credit cards are accepted (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?

Once you’ve made a payment you’ll be redirected to an online registration form. Following completion of the form, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your registration. You’ll also receive a detailed information pack prior to the start of your trip.

What is the deadline for full payment?

All payments must be completed One Month before the start of the trip.

What if I miss the payment deadline?

If you do not make your payment deadline you will have 3 additional days to pay in full, and a late payment fee of $75 will be assessed thereafter.

Do I have to use the payment plan or can I pay in full?

You can pay for the entire balance of your trip by selecting the “One Time Payment” option.

What if my roommate doesn’t complete their payment?

You will have two options if you’ve booked double occupancy and your roommate fails to complete payment.

1. You can upgrade to the next package within your selected accommodation style. For example if you have selected a hotel double occupancy package, you can upgrade to the single occupancy package for $500. The same applies for the villa packages.
2. You can find a replacement roommate and set up the replacement arrangements with your current roommate. If this happens your replacement will need to pay your former roommate directly for any portion already paid to Black Travel Fest, and pay the remaining balance directly to Black Travel Fest.

Cancellation and Transferability

What if I get sick and can’t make it. Do I get my money back?

Refund Schedule

Initial Deposit of $250

90 – 60 days to the trip start date
Fully Refundable

59 – 31 days to the trip start date
50% Refundable

30 days to the trip start date
Non Refundable

Days to the trip start date will be calculated by adding the number of days from the current date at time of refund request to the day prior to the trip start date.

For example If the trip start date is August 31st:

the trip would be fully refundable from June 2nd to July 2nd
the trip would be 50% refundable from July 3rd to July 31st
the trip would be non-refundable starting August 1st

Please note: PayPal processing fees and vendor transaction fees will not be refunded.

Cancel for any reason trip insurance can help if you have a need to cancel unexpectedly.

If you have questions regarding trip insurance coverage, please contact Cici Chandler, travel agent with Mahogany Fly International ([email protected]). If you live outside of the United States, please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance for the festival.

What is the Policy for name changes should I need to transfer my reservation?

Name changes are permitted for $75 per person. Name Changes are not permitted for Roomie Matching Program.  Name changes can only be made with people not currently booked for the festival.
The person taking your place needs to register with a staff member at Amola Enterprises, LLC and provide their credit card information. You must work out the money already paid between yourselves. The person taking your place pays the remaining balance to Amola Enterprises, LLC.

Name changes can be completed up to 2 weeks prior to the Festival. No name changes will be made after the deadline.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for additional information regarding name changes and transferability.


Is this trip only for people of color?

All are welcome at the Black Travel Fest. Just be sure to come prepared to have a good time and do it for “the” culture.

Can I stay longer than 8 days?

Sure. You are welcome to arrive before the trip and stay after if you like. Just note that the package only covers 8 days, and airport transfers outside of these dates will not be offered.

Can I stay for only a few days?

If you’re unable to attend all the scheduled days that’s okay, but we’d love to see you enjoying all of the events.

How can I make sure I’m staying matched with my friend as a roommate?

You’ll have the opportunity to list your roommate and travel partners in the registration form.  We also have an additional step to collect this information as the trip gets closer. 

Can I purchase the activities separately from the accommodation?

Unfortunately, we do not have any activities & events only package as we negotiate a set number of spots with our vendors. 

What if the travel to Jordan is impossible at the time of the event due to the pandemic or other large scale travel disruption?

Should travel to the destination become impossible, the trip will be rescheduled to a date 6 to 12 months in the future. For example, if the trip is scheduled for September 2024 it may be rescheduled to March 2025 up to September 2025.

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