Roommate Matching Program

Roommate Matching Program

Want a roomie? We’ll help you find one.

Roommate Matching Program Now Available

We don’t want you to miss out on this experience because you don’t have a travel buddy. That’s why we created  the roomie matching program to help out solo travelers.  The match program gives you the freedom to select the double occupancy rate and keep some extra coins in your pocket. This program is available for those traveling alone, and who are willing to be matched with another traveler of the same sex.

Here are the rules:

All singles will be matched with the same sex.

Get excited – this will no doubt be a dope experience.

Our team will make every effort possible to connect you and your roomie prior to arriving at the event.

Should our team be unable to find a roommate match, an additional charge of $200 will be assessed. This hasn’t happened in the past, but it is a possibility.

Those purchasing a double occupancy package can expect to be matched with one roommate, and those purchasing a triple occupancy package will be matched with two roommates.

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